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At Kure we are committed to the well-being of your skin as well as the well-being of our planet. We have searched far and wide to ensure that our products have minimal green footprint through our fully recyclable packaging as well as a performant sustainable supply chain. The ingredients used in our products are all natural and organic sourced locally in Switzerland for minimal transport and logistical footprint. Using the same logic our whole supply chain model is based on all European establishments to ensure high quality and minimized carbon footprint.


All of our supply chain, products and packaging is 100% European :​

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100% recyclable bottles 

Our glass bottles are recyclable and made in Germany

Our packaging boxes are made from recycled paper and certified by the FSC

Organic & Natural Ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from Swiss organic farming 


Made in Switzerland 
Our formulas are studied and created in Switzerland

FSC certified Packaging
Plantable Seed Paper from Spain
Bottled by FOVAHM Foundation
Packaged by PRO, a swiss social enterprise
Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Our packaging boxes are made from recycled paper and certified by the FSC, an organization that is highly engage in the protection of forests.

All orders come with a thank you note made from plantable seed paper. Plant it and watch your flowers grow.

As a part of giving back to society our products are bottled by people with disabilities in Switzerland.

Our products will be packaged and sent to you via PRO an enterprise that gives a chance to people with a disability.

We made sure our production process is vegan and cruelty free certified by PETA

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​Being earth-friendly for Kure, is not only having sustainable packaging but it’s also making sure no one gets hurt in the process of creation. We made it a point to have all our products PETA-certified, cruelty-free and Vegan, to ensure our most sincere commitment to this cause.


We also work in collaboration with two organizations that employ people who are usually excluded from the labor market, especially because of a disability :

  • FOVAHM, based in Valais, Switzerland. Our products  are bottled with love through this foundation.

  • PRO, a company with a social mission based in Geneva, Switzerland. The packages you receive are carefully prepared and sent by PRO.



At Kure, we believe that less is more. Our small line of products is a concentrate of organic ingredients with amazing healing properties.  Our minimalist philosophy was the birthplace of the concept “purchase with a purpose” to avoid pilling up what we don’t need. Our brand features only three products - the perfect amount to take care of your skin daily while avoiding overproduction and overconsumption. 

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